Democrats worried that youth vote alienation could lead to 'disaster'

Slowly, ever so slowly, the millennial generation is waking up and noticing that they are getting massively screwed by the politics Democrats have imposed on the country. ObamaCare treats them as a cash cow, the economy, hobbled by excessive regulation and taxation, isn’t producing good jobs, much less careers, and the utopia promised by that guy was “like a god” six years ago, turns out to suck for them.

Celinda Lake, veteran Democrat political pollster sees the problem, and Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner presents a summary of her views as expressed recently in  a Harvard Institute of Politics video interview:

“Millennials could have the definitive impact on the election, and that impact could be from them not showing up,” warned Celinda Lake.

“They look to have the lowest turnout rates right now which would be a disaster for progressive candidates,” she added in an online interview for Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. (snip)

“That’s the biggest concern right now for Democrats and progressives in particular, is that millennial voters look very, very discouraged. They don’t think that anyone has particularly spoken to them, anyone has been doing anything for them, it’s a bad economy, it’s expensive education, and all the kinds of concerns that millennials have,” said Lake.



Discouragement may be appropriate now, but the opportunity for conservatives is to turn disappointment into anger over the way they have been conned by Obama, by their professors and teachers, by the media, and by the Establishment, which today is run by and for progressives.

Youth naturally tend to rebel – it is part of the process of taking over the world from the older generation. And today, the obly thing to rebel against is the world structured to benefit a ruling class that runs a gigantic con game, pretending to work for the benefit of the little guy while enriching and handing power to people like Sal Gore, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Tom Steyer, Nancy Pelosi, and an entire panoply of self righteous hypocrites.

Taking advantage of this opportunity requires taking the offensive, going for the jugular of the left exactly the way the left has demonized Republicans, conservatives, religious people, and others who threaten their quest for power.

Objectively speaking, as Marxists always like to say, the younger generation’s interests have been sacrificed, and they have every right to be angry. It is up to conservatives to channel that anger toward the targets that rightfully deserve it.