Amazing ad tells Louisiana blacks that Mary Landrieu has failed them

Senator Elbert Guillory of the Louisiana State Senate is known as a maverick, a black Republican in a state where the Democratic Party is sustained by solid support by the African-American population. But that doesn’t stop him from telling the hard truths he believes African-Americans must face.

Watch the 2 minute and 20 second ad below, and think about how this might resonate if it were widely seen. Perhaps a sixty-second version can be produced for use on television.

The polling on the race between Republican Bill Cassidy and Landrieu is fairly tight. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has Cassidy ahead by 4.6%, but a new Gallup Poll yesterday reveals that:

The percentage of Louisianans who identify as Republican and Republican-leaning has been falling since it peaked at 46% 2011, and the number of people who identify as Democrats has been on the rise for the last year, according to Gallup.

Current levels of support:

Forty-five percent of adults in the state said they identified as Democrats or Democratic-leaning, while 41% said they identified as Republicans.

Ads like Sen. Guillory’s can only help.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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