About that 'coalition' of nations helping us in the air campaign against IS...

Foreign Policy's Situation Report newsletter (no link) is reporting that the Pentagon has queitly stopped reporting on the participation of other nations in the supposed coalition against Islamic State.

The reason? They apparently haven't flown a mission in a week:

KP's Kate Brannen has an interesting tidbit on how the air campaign against the Islamic State is being fought. When the Obama administration announced the start of a U.S.-led air campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria last month, much was made of the five Arab states recruited to confront the group. According to Kate, the role these nations are playing in the coalition is now less transparent.  

"In fact, the Pentagon won't be talking about allied contributions anymore at all: On Tuesday, in a quiet change, the Defense Department said it would no longer provide daily information on what its coalition partners were doing in the fight against the Islamic State.

"U.S. Central Command announced the shift Tuesday in its daily update about airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. 'Beginning with this news release, out of respect for participating nations, U.S. Central Command will defer to partner nations to publicly comment on their airstrikes against ISIL in Syria and Iraq,' the release said.

"The policy change comes after a week's gone by without any mention of participation by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan or Bahrain in airstrikes in Syria. The last day it noted help from coalition partners was Oct. 14.

France and Great Britain are still helping out in Iraq, but neither country has authorized strikes in Syria. This becomes important when you consider that IS is now threatening Baghdad and it's an open question whether we have enough air power to turn them away.

I'd like to pass on the thanks of the American people to the Gulf States who are demonstrating just how much they support the US in our war against IS.


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