A Party of One

In today's era of hyperpartisan, uber-racialized, 24/7/365 campaign-mode politics, Barack Hussein Obama has so alienated the electorate with his politicized, racialized, and disorganized policies that few in America support or even understand them. Let’s review a partial list.


The Obama CDC responded to the Ebola crisis in the most inept and haphazard manner, first assuring Americans there was no danger and then engaging in multiple backtrackings. It appears that the Ebola crisis is to Obama a special case of immigration reform that must be supported under all circumstances (per his October 2 statement that "no force on earth" can stop it), and thus allowing Ebola to enter America through open borders is more important even than the health and lives of American citizens.


Obama's flaccid response to ISIS without a clear understanding of mission or strategy and his childlike efforts at coalition building have confused everyone. How America can fight a war while refusing to define the enemy (e.g. radical Islam), while at the same time engaging in one of the largest reductions in military forces since the end of the Vietnam War, taxes all logic or common sense.

Illegal Immigration

With cheerleading from the Obama administration, a flood of illegal immigrants, estimated at over 400 thousand, crossed into America from Mexico this past summer to be dispersed throughout the country. DOJ mandates require that they be educated at taxpayer expense at public schools regardless of health or immunization information required of other students. Many are now, predictably, skipping their deportation hearings and according to some experts creating a wave of disease and even deaths throughout America, while liberals play at NIMBY games. How this humanitarian crisis helps America is unknown, but it has certainly allowed Obama and his supporters to score cheap political points with the open borders crowd.


Not a single responsible politician in America now supports ObamaCare,  the passage of which, it turns out, was based on a hyperpoliticized web of lies and deceptions. Its unaffordable premiums and deductibles are scheduled to rise (after the election, by design), and when more than a dozen states are required to cancel healthcare policies not in compliance with Obamacare in coming months it will force hundreds of thousands of Americans out of their current healthcare plans.

Due to these and other policies Obama is so toxic today that even having voted for him is considered a political liability. Having moved far to the left of the electorate, his supporters, and even the Democratic Party, Obama’s bright promise in 2008 to fundamentally transform the country now takes the form of horrifying threats to bypass Congress on healthcare, the environment, immigration, appointees, and other issues.

Today, through his radical, politicized, incomprehensible approach to current issues and his secretive dictatorial plotting on issues to come, Barack Hussein Obama has become his own party, a Party of One. God help us.

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