Obama's Self-contradictory Israel policy

The criticism of the foreign-policy acumen of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced by a White House official October 28, 2014 reveals Obama's self-contradictory Israel policy.

On October 28, 2014 an unamed White House official stated that in 2012 a cowardly Netanyahu considered but dismissed the opportunity to preemptively attack Iran and now it's too late.

Obama in his lone visit to Israel in March 2013 instructed Israel to concentrate on internal defense and leave the external defense to the U.S. Consistent with this policy, Obama cancelled the $55 million U.S. monetary support for the Israeli Arrow 3 antiballistic missile  under development, the primary function of which is to protect Israel from Iranian missile attack. Simultaneously, the Pentagon released a detailed 1300-page report of the top secret Arrow 3 launch facility under construction south of Jerusalem.


First, according to Obama of March 2013, the preemptive attack on Iran is responsibility of the U.S. and not the responsibility of Israel; in contradiction to the White House spokesman of October 2014.

Second, If Obama now criticizes Netanyahu for not attacking Iran in 2012, which attack would certainly have induced an Iranian missile counterattack on Israel, then why did Obama cancel the monetary support of the Arrow 3 antiballistic missile, and reveal the top secret details of the Arrow 3 launch site?

We see that Obama's policy towards Israel is completely self-contradictory.

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