You Want A Higher Minimum Wage? Why Do You Hate The Elderly So Much?

Those who have left the workforce long ago or are now on fixed incomes are in for a rude awakening if the union goons and agitators of the Democratic Party get their way.  A catastrophic rise of a new minimum wage to $15/hr would certainly make their standard of living deteriorate on an order of magnitude not seen since Jimmy Carter's 9th inning as Wimp In Chief.


As businesses attempt to survive the new artificial input costs of labor imposed on them, they can 1) reduce the amount of labor; 2) invest in new IT and/or machinery in hopes of automating services or reducing organizational overlap to create further efficiencies; 3) close their doors permanently; 4) claw out other unnecessary and perhaps unforeseen expenses from accounts payable or; 5) raise prices.

It is the last one that troubles me the most.  Most organizations already have tried streamlining their procedures and many others cutting their expenses, especially post 2008 recession, however labor is typically a constant, unalterable cost.  If that rises, in this case dramatically, there really is only one option remaining and those not in the workforce are most at risk of this kind of political and artificial cost push inflation.  They are the ones living on fixed income derived from conservative portfolios if they even have one, slow COLA pensions or social security.  

Remember those sweet days when grandfather used to get out on Thursdays once a week to take his lovely bride of several decades to Sizzler for lunch?  You can bet that senior discount will be one of those expenses many businesses decide to axe, as well as raise prices at the all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Most people already know that all this fast food ruckus really represents is just a carefully crafted ploy by the Donna Brazile wing of the Democratic Party to create a wedge issue going into the 2014 mid term elections.  They also know that the SEIU, which is in desperate need for WWE-style publicity stunts in coordination with the NLRB (and in that sense under direct 'community organizing' marching orders of President Obama), are merely poor theater operators not policy makers.  At least that's true at the federal level.  Left leaning states have already issued their decrees of higher minimum wage laws into effect, unfortunately for seniors living in those states or jurisdictions.

In that case my only hope is that the elderly planned well, foreseeing a time when some political narcissist would coercively rob from their future purchasing power for their own selfish, political ends.  Which is why it's important when having this debate about the minimum wage that we always ask the ones clamoring for it the loudest why they hate the elderly so much?  It's always important to show the left cause and effect, even If they don't care we need to remind them with clarity just who in fact they are as human beings in relation to other human beings, and in this case some of the most vulnerable among us, the elderly.