Why Ezekiel Emanuel is evil and a fool (illustrated edition)

A few days ago, I wrote about the incredibly vile and dangerous article penned by Obamacare architect and Obama official Ezekiel Emanuel, making the case that 75 years is long enough for everyone to live. That way, the government saves a lot of money, you see. And besides, the “quality of life” is too low in the seventies, or so it seems to Dr. E at his current stage in life.

Perhaps I should have saved myself some trouble, because master satirist Big Fur Hat has once again shown that a picture is worth a thousand words, in a blog titled, “Raquel Welch Just Turned 74, Zeke Emanuel Says Next Year She Should Kill Herself”:

According to Zeke, Raquel has no quality of life, is well past her prime, not viable, not creative, has no reason to live, it’s over.

I got news for ya, Zeke. You look a little too old and tired for her. Maybe you should leave one of your Mercedes running in the garage tonight.

Mr. Fur Hat now has been blocked from The Atlantic.