Where is the outcry for a new war resolution?

According to news reports, President Obama plans to use the 2002 Iraq War resolution to fight ISIS.   

Maybe we can say that he was against the resolution before he was for it?

Frankly, why doesn't he use the 1990 Gulf War resolution? Then Senator Gore voted for that war!

It is absolutely insane for President Obama to rely on a 12-year old resolution to fight this war. I supported the 2003 Iraq War but that was then and this is now!

Let's hope that the Obama White House has the good sense to go to Congress and demand another resolution to fight ISIS, especially if we go into Syria.

I agree with Senator Kaine, quoted in Albert Hunt's latest op-ed:

"Kaine, an Obama ally, dismisses the president's claim that the post-Sept. 11 authorization of force against al-Qaeda also gives him the power to go after Islamic State, which didn't exist in 2001.

"The president is saying, 'Now let's go on the offense,' and he needs congressional authority to do that," Kaine said. "

It makes sense for President Obama to go to Congress:

1) He forces Congress to do their job.  They have a constitutional duty to declare war.  We don't need a war declaration but a resolution would put legislators on record. Also, we would have a debate on the strategy and the merits of such an involvement.

Again, I'd support such a resolution but the public needs a debate. We've had too much silence about these national security matters.

2) Pres Obama needs a co-pilot for this mission. We saw in ObamaCare that "one party" legislation can turn into a political nightmare.

At the end of the day, ISIS needs to formally hear from Congress. The world needs to hear from Congress too.

It should be an American mission approved by a bi-partisan majority of legislators.  


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