Wendy Davis says she's a life-long Cowboys fan - or not

Wendy Davis, who rode her notoriety for filibustering the Texas abortion law to a gubernatorial candidacy, is in deep trouble for flip flopping on her allegience to, of all things, an NFL football team.

As Texan Bryan Preston points out, football is a second religion in Texas and the Dallas Cowboys are revered statewide. Davis, a transplanted Rhode Islander, claims that she's been a Cowboy's fan since she was little:

SEN. DAVIS: “And we wish our Cowboys the best. I grew up cheering for the Cowboys and I haven’t stopped ever since and I’ll be cheering for them again this year.”

"How 'bout them Cowboys"? eh Wendy? Well, the candidate should have told her daughter to keep her mouth shut about which team she really roots for:

The two propose a tour of the family’s Spanish-style town house—starting with the media room, where Super Bowl parties are held (‘Mom’s best friend is Patti Kraft, whose father-in-law owns the Patriots, so we’re big fans,’ Amber tells me).” (Heidi Mitchell, “Stand And Deliver: After Her 12-Hour Filibuster, How Far Will Texas Senator Wendy Davis Run?,” Vogue, 8/15/13)

BuzzFeed: “[Sen. Davis] … Loves The New England Patriots.” “[Sen. Davis] hosts Super Bowl parties and loves the New England Patriots, which her BFF’s family owns.” (Jessica Testa, “6 Times Wendy Davis Was A ‘Cool Mom’ In Her Vogue Profile,” BuzzFeed, 8/15/13)Sen. Davis: “Go Pats!!!” (Facebook.com, 1/20/14)


In just about any other state, such a gaffe would go virtually unnoticed. Recall Hillary Clinton's statements about being a baseball Yankees fan when she told media outlets earlier in her career that she grew up a Cubs fan. New Yorkers shrugged and elected her Senator anyway.

But Preston thinks this is a serious gaffe:

It’s no crime to change one’s football allegiance. Families are often split, brother against brother, over gridiron allegiances.

But Wendy Davis has clearly flip-flopped here, unless her excuse is that she supports both teams. Who does she support when the Cowboys and the Patriots face each other? Texans have a right to know.

Houston is a major Texas city. Like Dallas, they have a team that pretends to be in the NFL. What is Wendy Davis’ opinion of the Texans? Or “Tak-sans”, as she pronounces the word?Texans are big hearted and can forgive lots of things, but lying about football? That crosses a bright chalk line.

A month-old poll has GOP Secretary of State Greg Abbott up by 8 points. Other polls show him up considerably more. It's not likely that Davis was going to be competitive anyway, but she certainly didn't help herself with this faux pas.