The multi-edged sword of terror

Remember when life wasn’t filled with headlines about people being beheaded, maimed, raped, dismembered, crucified, buried alive, or otherwise tortured in unthinkable ways? I do. Now one can’t get through a day without seeing headlines about savage acts occurring on a daily basis while we read about predictions of when, where, and how we may be targeted.

There are reports that we may be attacked on our southern border. Or the power grid may be taken out. Americans joining ISIS and returning home pose a grave danger while many anticipate an attack on the anniversary of 9/11. Or maybe on a different day. The litany of threats is never-ending. And in this way, terror is winning as it propels many Americans into a state of fear.

And rightfully so.

The anxiety many feel is likely amplified because we are doing precious little to fight the enemy. As a result, we are left bearing witness to unthinkable horrors as we imagine when and how evil will strike us again on our own soil. We are essentially on our own in this centuries old war of Islam vs. civilization due in large part of having a president who is simpatico with Islam -- the very ideology that that drives this barbarism.

And then there is the another side of the sword of terror: The impact of being exposed to horrific images day after day not only instills fear, but it may render some people numb. It is difficult, if not impossible, for a civilized human being to truly grasp the barbarity that is sweeping across the Middle East and beyond. It is so far beyond the scope of our lives, our culture, and our values. How, for example, can one wrap his mind around children playing with severed heads?

In addition to feeling numb, some people likely go into denial, as it is too overwhelming to contemplate such savagery. And certainly daunting to consider that it may directly touch our lives.

And then there is this: As barbarism on a massive scale has become part of the daily news cycle, there is the risk that exposure to these horrors becomes a norm whereby people are no longer shocked and horrified.

Another day. Another beheading.

Meanwhile, the flip side of apathy is the public getting worked up as a particular story dominates the headlines and galvanizes millions. But then the story fades and people return to their normal routines and concerns.

This pattern of heightened attention that then fades following a highly publicized jihadist event would be less likely to occur if we addressed the underlying problem that is the totalitarian ideology that is written in the Koran. If the public was informed about what the Koran commands of believers and what is being preached in mosques across America, and if they knew the enemies who have infiltrated our government through stealth, invitation, or the election process, we might be better positioned to get ahead of this curve.

Then again, there is the underlying problem to the underlying problem: That far too many Americans have been indoctrinated into faulty thinking so that even when told the truth, it is lost on them. Because they left believe America is evil, that America is to blame, that America is at fault, and that we deserve what we get. Because the left is so obsessed with diversity, multiculturalism, moral equivalence, faux Islamophobia, and political correctness they have lost all ability to discern fact from fiction, right from wrong, or good from evil. So marinated are they in this nonsense that they have lost their survival instinct.

I wouldn’t care so much if it shortened their lives. Unfortunately, their stupidity will shorten all of ours as well.