The Bigots of Rotherham

Abducted, gang-raped, beaten, threatened with death, and trafficked to other cities in northern England. Some are doused with petrol and threatened with being burned to death if they try to escape or tell anyone about their ordeal. This has been going on for some 16 years in the former steel and mill town of Rotherham in Northern England. Some of the girls are as young as 11 and it is estimated that some 1,200 have undergone what the perpetrators call “grooming.”

But police and children’s services have not been unaware of the situation. Parents have come forward with their horrendous accounts and the police have listened and taken action. They have arrested some of the parents for bigotry towards “Asians.”

But this gruesome trafficking in poor young white girls has finally hit the press and their “Asian” handlers identified as Pakistani Muslims thanks to a report made public by a former senior social worker, Professor Alex Jay.

But how could this have happened?

In every case the same explanation for official inaction is offered: no one wanted to look too closely into complaints against “Asian” men because they were afraid of being accused of racism, and because they were concerned about the effect of arrests and prosecutions on “community cohesion.” [link]

But fear not. Justice will be hard on those who have turned a blind eye to raping and brutalizing tearful frightened young girls.

Many of those responsible have simply disappeared into the public sector morass, with some moving to other councils and some still involved in child “protection,” where they will continue to pull down their six-figure salaries before retiring on six-figure pensions. [link]

Has the stupidity of treating multiculturalism and diversity as uber-values that trump human rights finally penetrated the PC encrusted minds of the liberal zombies with their insufferable moral posturing? I doubt it.

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