Something is rotten in America

Obama is rotten in America.  He has caused the country to go from the class of Audrey Hepburn to the clumsiness of Anna Nicole Smith.  He needs a triple-E bra to contain his ego. 

He was supposed to unite red and blue, white and black.  Instead he has made divisiveness his specialty.  There is no coordination between his speeches and their pragmatic realities.  People rioted in Ferguson, Missouri over criminal Michael Brown’s death.  Obama did not defuse the rampant hatred.  

A four-hundred-pound cigarette salesman, Eric Garner, dies in New York in a chokehold by cops.  Mayor de Blasio, Al Sharpton and Obama exacerbate the racial divide by emphasizing the cruelty of the choke hold and not pointing to Garner’s weight problem, diabetes, and resisting arrest.  It’s almost as if they are paid outside agitators who are trying to cause riots. 

They focus on Garner’s tragedy.  They hardly bother with the crimes of looting and burning down stores.

Our leaders forget that they are part of the establishment because they are trying to curry favor with the demonstrators.  They play to their liberal base, the lowest common denominator.  They forget that they are highly paid bigshot officials. 

Gates, a Harvard professor, was guilty of disorderly conduct with the Cambridge police.  Obama said that the cops “acted stupidly.”  Give me a break.  Gates acted as obnoxiously as Alec Baldwin often does.  Color has nothing to do with disrespect to the cops.  It is snobbery and feeling superior to the police, regardless of color.  Professors are known for thinking that they are smarter than they are.  Especially Ivy League snobs.

Gates is envious of white snobbery.  He adopts it out of insecurity about his own blackness.  He should get a life. 

Hundreds of black kids are being shot in Chicago.  The world is falling apart.  It has an upset stomach.  It is sick of chewing Obama’s rotten rhetoric.

Now, these dead people are not polite, upstanding citizens.  I was just at the classy St. Regis Hotel for lunch.  The family sitting next to me was black.  They would never be arrested.  They were polite and well-dressed.  They were nothing like the slobs in Ferguson who resisted arrest and caused senseless violence.  Obama should not defend criminals.  He should attack them.

Something is rotten in America.  It is Obama weakening our values, supporting same-sex marriage, criticizing the cops.  Obama is a narcissist filled with self-love.

Unfortunately, Obama’s rottenness has spread throughout the world.  He is deadly.  He is Ebola.  He has the rigidity of sharia law, of ISIS coming to our state.  He has a Harvard education, but he is an ideological simpleton.

There is a bad mood in America.  There is a smell of possible revolution and death, a hint of revolution and  worldwide warfare fostered by America’s giving up its exceptionalism and position of power in the world.  It’s amusing that the liberals who hated the supposed war-mongering of the right wing will be responsible for WWIII. 

Reagan believed in strength and might for self-protection.  Obama believes in “might.”  He thinks, Yes, I might do this and I might do that.  I don’t know.  The less I do, the better.  I don’t want the responsibility of my acts.

Remember when Obama was a senator in Illinois.  He never took a position on anything.  He was always “present.”  But he was never really present.  He has never been here for us.

People call Obama an empty suit.  He is rented for the Junior Prom.