Ray Rice Is Being Profiled!

The reaction to Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his girlfriend in the face has been overwhelming outrage.  How can this be in today’s sophisticated progressive world?  Ray Rice is being profiled.

Welcome to the world the progressives have made.  In our gender-neutral world, all the video depicted was two gender-neutral people having a verbal and physical disagreement, with one coming out on the losing end.  Joint assailants, just a verbal and physical altercation between two people, and neither desiring to press charges against the other.  Is it really any of our business?

In our world of sophisticated progressivism, where we are all equal and genderless, are we not called to ignore the maleness or femaleness of either party?  Let’s imagine if this video depicted two men or two women having the altercation.  Would we have had such outrage?  Loss of a job, banned from football?  What gives?

Worse, maybe this is racial profiling.  Perhaps this is simply cultural in a way that non-colored people cannot understand.  How are Roger Goodell or even the Baltimore Ravens management supposed to be able to judge this event, since Mr. Goodell is not colored, and likely many in the Raven’s organization are likewise not colored?  Where is Attorney General Holder’s defense of “his people” in this very high-profile social incident involving persons of color?  Why haven’t the good Reverends Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson rushed to the defense of colored male Ray Rice, especially when neither Mr. nor Mrs. Rice wishes Ray to be fired and lose his lucrative means of supporting them? 

Judging others based on our own value system is wrong, as we have been told by the progressive thinkers.  Where are the purveyors of moral equivalency and multiculturalism for this event?  Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Rice find this interaction acceptable.  Who are we to judge?

Perhaps we as a society still retain our traditional virtue.  Not the progressive value system, but traditions that recognize virtue, empirical right and wrong.  After all, even people who perform heinous acts have a set of values.  They are simply not virtuous.

Where are the progressives defending Ray Rice now that they have run through our society, knocking down many traditional notions of right and wrong?  Is this just another ugly case of inappropriate profiling, or does the outrage over this video show something more enlightening about our society?