Obama's Looking Up...

At least he was in his speech about dealing with Middle Eastern terrorist organizations.  It was a bit disconcerting to those of us who have become accustomed to watching the usual puppet-like, swivel-necked delivery – left to right, then quickly back to left – of past major pronouncements to the nation, delivered in the full glory of this politician’s unusually adept mastery of teleprompters.

But not this time.  Nope, we got the full-face, straight-on delivery, with those eyes boring straight into America’s soul.  Well, except when they weren’t – as in when they were shifted upward to read his speech from some other prompting device positioned over the camera, focused on his face.  Go back and look at the video, and you’ll see Obama’s eyes flicking up frequently to that electronic miracle of eloquence, that screen that displays the contrived and carefully constructed words and phrases that his administration wants to be heard by this nation and the world.

You can bet some really clever media advisor suggested to White House staff that another swivel-necked presidential delivery at such a serious moment in history might appear to Americans to be contrived and insincere.  Well, then, let’s not have that; we have to project gravitas, and we need an American commander-in-chief who doesn’t have to rely on two teleprompter panels straddling the podium to project his serious determination and his focused intent to deal with world events.

Nope, we’ll just put one screen up there above the full frontal camera and let him read all his sincerity and determined intent from that screen above the camera.  No more obvious swivel-necking for this transparent administration!  Nope, these open and transparent liberals have come up with a way to make their exalted leader look straight into that camera as he makes his grand   pronouncements...well, with maybe just a few of those frequent eye shifts upward to make sure he’s staying on script.

Hey, no matter how they set it up, the guy is still reading a script, written for him by the real powers behind the throne.  It’s the only way he knows how to communicate – a skillful but empty, soulless orator.  When Obama announced that this would be the most transparent administration ever, he didn’t know the half of it:

Transparent, brother, these turkeys are indeed…

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