Obama Lies, World Sighs

Non scientist President Barack Obama (D) spoke at the UN's so called Climate Change summit pretending he knew what he was talking about.  John Hinderaker of Powerline takes apart some of Obama's major errors.

Five years have passed since many of us met in Copenhagen. And since then, our understanding of climate change has advanced — both in the deepening science that says this once-distant threat has moved “firmly into the present,” and into the sting of more frequent extreme weather events that show us exactly what these changes may mean for future generations.

Actually, the last five years have revealed how little we know about the Earth’s climate. The UN’s own IPCC has had to back off on the more extreme predictions it made in the past, and the most current science is generally opposed to global warming alarmism. Obama’s claim that there are “more frequent extreme weather events” is simply false. Whether you talk about hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, floods, or anything else, extreme weather events have not become more common. If anything, we are living in a period of relatively few such events. For example, the United States has never gone this long, in its recorded history, without a major hurricane making landfall.

No nation is immune. In America, the past decade has been our hottest on record.

Untrue. Unless you “revise” the temperature records, the 1930s were hotter. And, in any event, weather records for most of the U.S. don’t go back before the 18th century, so they start during the Little Ice Age. Thankfully, it’s warmer now.

Along our eastern coast, the city of Miami now floods at high tide.

Really? The whole city? I doubt it. But if so, it has nothing to do with global warming. The oceans have been rising for thousands of years, ever since the end of the last Ice Age, first rapidly and then gradually. The current rate is commensurate with what it has been since the end of the Little Ice Age.

In our west, wildfire season now stretches most of the year.

Wildfires are currently down in the U.S.

In our heartland, farms have been parched by the worst drought in generations, and drenched by the wettest spring in our history.

Global warming: it can do anything! Worldwide, there has been no increase in the area under drought conditions.

So the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it.

No, it isn’t. There has been no warming for around 17 years, and the alarmists have no good excuse for why their models are wrong. 


Actually, there is nothing the nations of the Earth can do, singly or in combination, that will have a perceptible impact on the climate. If you believe the alarmists’ models, the kinds of reductions that Obama is talking about will have negligible consequences.

There is much more; read the whole thing.  And then go outside and enjoy the weather--which isn't the same thing as climate.