Obama administration pressured Fox News to back off Benghazi reporting

This past Friday, Greta Van Susteren reported on numerous ways the Obama administration has made it difficult for reporters to investigate Benghazi. Van Susteren said that it’s been “like pulling teeth” trying to get answers and that “the Obama administration’s behavior post-Benghazi has been weird; like they’re hiding something.”

She went on to say that as Fox News continued to investigate and press for answers, the administration’s behavior got “even weirder." She noted two major press conferences – one with the State Department and one with the CIA – when Fox News was not invited.

In addition, Van Susteren reported that she was contacted by someone from the administration who told her to dissuade Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin from continuing to investigate after Griffin reported on the stand down order in Benghazi. Van Susteren said she “thought the call from the Obama administration was dirty.”

Van Susteren further reported that “as recently as April, after the administration said it turned over all the information, an email surfaces that had been withheld in the face of repeated requests.”

Needless to say, Van Susteren is highly suspicious about what is going on and what the administration is trying to hide.

It is glaringly obvious that this administration is extraordinarily secretive and manipulative when it comes to the press. The incident Van Susteren reported on is not the first time the administration has treated the media in a highly inappropriate way, nor is Fox News (though Fox is surely their favorite target) the only media outlet to be on the receiving end of deplorable treatment. I am, however, puzzled as to why Van Susteren is sharing this now, so many months after the fact. I say, expose the left at every turn. Do so in a timely fashion. And hammer away without relent.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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