NY Times Applauds Met's Decision to Perform anti-Semitic Opera

Hardly a day goes by in which the New York Times doesn’t run one or more articles intended to engender sympathy and empathy for the Gaza Palestinians while painting Israel as an oppressing occupier. Today (Sep 20) is no exception.

Yesterday, a piece written up by Isabel Kershner and Fares Karam, describes the plight of Gazans attempting to have themselves smuggled by sea to more civilized countries along the Mediterranean shore – and the often fatal fate that awaits them at thee hands of their Egyptian smugglers. More of the usual pity-party stuff.

What takes the cake, however, in demonstrating the Gray Lady’s disdain for Jews and sympathy for Palestinian terrorists is on its editorial page. Here, despite what the Times calls “unimaginable pressure” from Jewish organizations, individuals, and publications, it applauds the steadfastness of Peter Gelb and the Metropolitan Opera he manages in insisting on going ahead with performances of the highly offensive opera, “The Death of Klinghoffer,” which is based on the murder of an elderly, disabled Jew shot and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by PLO terrorists who hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro on which Klinghoffer was vacationing with his family.

Critics from throughout the Jewish community have urged Gelb to cancel performance of this work, which they regard as highly anti-Semitic, especially because of the portrayal of the terrorists as some sort of freedom-fighters, and the lyrics it provides for them through which they defend their murderous “cause.”

A protest rally is scheduled at Lincoln Center for Monday, September 22, at which a highly emotional condemnation, written by the mother of Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded by Islamic terrorists of similar ilk, will be read out in a plea for the Met to reconsider performing this monstrous work.

Nevertheless, Gelb and his opera go ahead without concern, morality, or pity; and the New York Times stands on its platform loudly applauding this gross offense to Jews of New York, America, and around the world.

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