Note to Freedom from Religion Foundation: Removing the Cross Is 'Un-American'

Trying to make sense of the buffoonery that is the daily behavior of the so-called "Freedom from Religion Foundation" is a monumental task.  Far beyond just departing from basic common sense, these radical fools are an embarrassment to any form of critical thinking, historical understanding, or intellectual curiosity.  They are anti-Christian zealots.  And that's it. Take their recent intrusion into the state of Indiana, where they have located a 14-inch cross at the base of a carved monument meant to honor veterans.  Not surprisingly, this intrepid band of anti-God kooks are positioning to sue. In his irrational comments on the subject, co-president of the FFRF, Dan Barker, called the presence of the cross in a state park "un-American."  There's one problem with that assessment: it's completely backwards.  Or at least it is if you recognize that George Washington is a far more reliable source on the meaning...(Read Full Post)