Naked, Contemptuous Assault on Constitution by Obama IRS Unmasked

Government agencies frequently violate the Constitution, which is America’s supreme, fundamental and paramount law governing government itself.

Rarely, however, are government agencies so blatant as the Obama IRS, which was caught by the Inspector General targeting grassroots education about the Constitution.

Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz writing at The Volokh Conspiracy broke the story about a May 2013 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report on the “inappropriate criteria” used by the IRS to target applicants for tax-exempt status.

TIGTA found that in January 2012, the IRS revised its criteria of suspicious applicants to harass, and ultimately delay or deny tax-exempt status. The new criteria included “Political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the constitution [sic] and bill of rights [sic], social economic reform/movement.”

Words fail to describe how utterly contemptuous of the law -- nay, all Americans themselves -- this is. Even education about the Bill of Rights was expressly targeted. That irony is assuredly lost on the IRS, which probably doesn’t know (or care) that the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution, binding and governing these lawbreaking bureaucratic “extremists.”

This is the IRS influencing the 2012 election on behalf of President Obama. Influencing elections is the very sin that the IRS used to justify targeting conservative, patriotic applicants.

That the IRS actually targeted grassroots efforts to educate and inform Americans about the Constitution -- and don’t forget the Bill of Rights, Ms. Lerner -- is not surprising at this stage of exposure of the entire Obama administration’s derogation of duty. It is, however, unforgivable.

The Obama administration’s lawbreaking and lawlessness are irredeemable. They seem to have an almost-sociopathic approach to lawless governing, and are like that element within society incapable of rehabilitation. They are what the Constitution was written to prohibit, which explains their contempt for that law.

At the 2009 Constitution Day conference held at Cato Institute, I turned to some constitutional law colleagues and said, “Isn’t it great that people are discussing the Constitution more than ever, even at gatherings in their homes?” The year 2009 was, of course, when the Tea Party came to be.

We lawyers who fought the government over its constitutional violations were weary and disappointed that the general public too often had seemed to lack the concern that the Constitution was ignored, beaten and broken. This was, after all, their law over government.

In 2009, the cavalry was arriving. The Obama IRS has a de facto war on Americans protecting our foundations based in the rule of law governing government itself.

Thanks to Professor Rosenkranz for finding what the Congress and entire American press seem to have missed since May 2013.

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