Maybe He Wasn't Cut Out to Be President

Back in 2008, I debated some liberal friends and questioned Mr. Obama's thin resume.  They responded by saying that I was missing the point.  In other words, don't judge Mr. Obama's resume, but rather his unique ability to inspire and his exceptional judgment. 

I guess they were telling me that Mr. Obama was one of those exceptional human beings who rises to the occasion because he is smart and politically astute.

On election night 2008, I watched the results and prayed that my friends were right.  By the time he walked into the Oval Office, I prayed a little more.

Six years later, I have to agree with Peggy Noonan: "His essential problem is that he has very poor judgment."

I would go farther.  He does not seem capable of learning or making those adjustments that any executive has to make. 

He seems stuck in the 1960s when it comes to the role of government. 

His foreign policy is totally absorbed with being the anti-Bush, even if it makes him look weak in the face of real threats. 

He is politically tone-deaf; he played golf minutes after talking about an American beheaded.  

The bottom line is that he wasn't cut out to be president of the U.S.  My guess is that a lot of those screaming "yes we can" agree with me.

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