Judge allows Detroit to continue to shut off water service for unpaid bills

Oh the humanity! Via Reuters:

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled on Monday that Detroit can continue shutting off water service to non-paying customers, saying his court does not have jurisdiction over the issue and that suspending disconnections for six months could hurt the city's finances.

"Detroit cannot afford any revenue slippages," the judge said, before resuming his ongoing hearing on Detroit's plan to exit the biggest-ever municipal bankruptcy.

"As it prepares to show the court its plan is feasible... the last thing it needs is this hit to its revenues," he said, adding there was a strong correlation between disconnections and the city's collections of delinquent bills.

Indeed there is a correlation. When people realize they can get water without paying their water bill, they don’t pay. When the water is shut off, they pay up:

The shutoffs accomplished the city's goal of increasing collections, said Darryl Latimer, the customer service chief of Detroit's Department of Water and Sewerage Department.

During June and July, the peak months of the shutoffs, the department collected $1.7 million in money owed. In August, during the moratorium, collections were only $200,000.

That did not stop leftists from going to the United Nations and charging human rights violations. And they are up in arms over the judge’s decision.  The notion that you, not others, should pay for your stuff seems inhumane only to the deranged.