Jay Carney and the latest spin about Iraq

It amazes me how they get away with it but they do. This is Jay Carney on the current situation in Iraq:

"I understand that there is a desire by some to commit the United States to an open-ended war, to open the possibility of another land invasion of Iraq. There's no appetite in the United States for that.

And more than that, more than the unpopularity of that, we've been through that. We saw what it wrought. And in many ways we are here today because of the decisions made to invade Iraq more than a decade ago."

Wonder what Iraq War Jay is talking about? Was it the one that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton voted for? And gave great speeches defending their vote on the US Senate floor?

Frankly, I find this blaming 2003 for 2014 rather dishonest:

1) Didn't most Democrats rush to the microphones on March 19, 2003 to support the war?   Do we have to link to those videos again?  My favorite is Senator Hillary Clinton connecting Saddam to Al Qaeda.  Wonder who told her that the connection existed?

2) President Obama was handed a stable Iraq in 2009.  I didn't say a perfect democracy but a stable country with the potential for self governance.

3) It was President Obama who did not keep a military presence in Iraq.  He seemed completely obsessed with putting Iraq behind him and run for reelection as the man who ended wars.

4) ISIS happened under Obama's watch. It grew as a result of our detachment from the region and the sense that President Obama is not a serious man.

Nice try Jay Carney but I'm not buying the new spin!

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