ISIS air strikes designed to minimize terrorist casualties

Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters was on Sean Hannity’s show yesterday. Peters is an incisive military strategist who does not mince his words. During the interview, Peters made a central point that highlights how unfit Obama is as commander-in-chief:

In the euphoria, the delight of seeing all these cruise missiles taking off and dramatic footage and the targeting footage, I think all the analysts and all of us have been missing one really big thing. These strikes last night were designed to limit terrorist casualties. These were not serious manful strikes. And I’ll give you the evidence.

Why did we go in at night? There was no air defense threat. Could have done it in broad daylight. If you wanted to kill terrorists, you would have hit those headquarters, and compounds, and logistic sites at ten or eleven in the morning when they were crowded with leaders, staff officers, flunkies, etc. Instead, we hit empty buildings at night. We knocked down antennas, we blew out windows. That is not the way to defeat terrorists who behead Americans. We should have gone in in the morning. Gone in heavy. And killed -- Let me give you the measure of success in air strikes against ISIS. It is not knocking out windows. It is acres and acres of dead terrorists. That is tactical success.

The video clip runs a couple of minutes, but Peters packs a lot in. I highly recommend listening to the entire thing. It’s Obama-on-terror in a nutshell.

Thomas Lifson adds:

Yesterday on Special Report with Bret Baier, Jonah Goldberg made a similar point, that the attacks were more about thetre than actual damage. He called them a "light show."

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