Great poll numbers today for GOP

The Real Clear Politics summary of the latest polls has good news for the GOP today.

Quinnipiac is a decent pollster with a large sample, and they have Republican Senate candidate Jodi Ernst up 6 in Iowa today. Democrat incumbent Braley has led in all recent polls.

In Colorado, the GOP governor candidate, Beuaprez is up 10. That seems unlikely to me, but if it is even a few point lead, that means that the Colorado Senate race is still a tossup.  

Rick Scott is up 5 over Charlie Crist in the Florida governor’s race.

The CBS/New York Times poll has the GOP up 7 in the generic vote. This is consistent with Quinnipiac polls.

The congressional races are interesting, too. Mike Grimm, the Staten Island congressman who might go to jail was considered a goner, yet he is up 4. In Democrat-held California 52, considered a toss-up, the race is basically tied.

This cycle Rasmussen polls have been very unfavorable for Republicans, and give Obama his highest approval scores by far. I think he made adjustments to his model after criticism from Nate Silver and others, and probably tweaked it too far the other way. Every pollster has a raw sample response, and then usually adjusts results for the presumed appropriate partisan split.