Does Obama even know how to use a can opener?

So, yet another video is released showing yet another American being beheaded by the Islamic terrorists known as ISIS.

And the president’s reaction?  Exactly the same thing he said when Maj. Gen. Harold J. Green was murdered in Afghanistan: zip, zilch, nada.  Nichevo.

Barack Obama has often been compared to Jimmy Carter.  Many believe that the two are in the running for "worst president ever."

But even Jimmy Carter knew how to say, "I'm gonna open up a can of whup-ass!" 

Those of us who lived through the Carter administration remember well this particular remark.  Of course, Carter said it referring to what he was going to do to his political rivals, not international terrorists.

But Barack Hussein Obama (a man who’s probably never done a lick of actual work in his life, let alone ever been in a fistfight), for all his love of "talking tough" ("I'm really good at killing people"; "Voting is the best revenge"; "We're gonna punish our enemies"; "They bring a knife, we'll bring a gun"; "That's bullsh*t!"), doesn't really even know what a can of whup-ass is, let alone even know how (or when it’s time) to open up the can.