Did Bush derangement syndrome doom Obama?

There are lots of theories for the current state of the world.

Professor Victor Davis Hanson believes that our withdrawal from the world has left a vacuum:

"The general cause of the unrest is that, fairly or not, the world senses that the United States is tired after its recent interventions, cutting back its defenses, and all but financially insolvent. We might scoff at Neanderthal notions like a loss of deterrence inviting aggression, but Neanderthals do not.

Barack Obama apparently believes that such a retrenchment was both inevitable and to be welcomed."

Yes, I agree that this is what the world looks like without the US.

But why is all of this happening?  How did the US go from a position of strength to one of weakness?  How did this happen in such a short time?

My theory is that this is all about President Bush, or reversing Bush's policies.   

The mission of the Obama administration was to "de-Bush" the world.   They were convinced that it was "the Bush/Cheney way" that created all of the problems.  President Obama felt that he could turn everything around by changing Bush's policies .

In fact, they threw out the baby with the bath water.   They are now facing bigger problems than they could have imagined when Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama had that foreign policy during the campaign.  

The US public does not want a hawkish president but it does not want a weak president either.  President Obama is now a casualty of "Bush derangement syndrome".

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