Democrats think we are stupid

Many Democrat leaders, led by President Obama, have a low opinion of Americans. They are trying to trick us into believing our local Congressmen and Senators are not his enablers. They are and should be treated as such in the voting booth.

Jay Cost has written a column for the Weekly Standard titled “The Rubes’ Revenge,” outlining the strategy Democrats are using to sprinkle pixie dust and transform Obama allies in Congress into your allies.

He calls it “sneak it pass the rubes theory” politics.

Democrats vote with liberal leadership once they win their elections but revert to lying about it when they address voters back home. Cost writes:

Then you hope that the “rubes” back home can be sufficiently distracted by the “war on women” or some other phony issue that they’ll return you to office. And if they choose not to, there will be a consolation prize: a cushy, well-connected job as a lobbyist (Blanche Lincoln) or law firm adviser (Byron Dorgan) or association CEO (Ben Nelson) or strategic adviser in PR (Kent Conrad) in Washington, where you are more at home anyway, or even a job out of town as an ambassador (Max Baucus).

Given their vast money advantage and media bias, Democrats can flood the airwaves and fill the newspapers with propaganda. Their Get Out The Vote Effort can tailor-make their approach to individual voters to misrepresent reality and fool voters.

Cost mentions Kansas as an example where Democratic leadership is hoping Kansans do not vote for Republican Pat Roberts but vote for the supposed “Independent” Greg Orman. In reality, Orman is as Democratic as Barack Obama:

Over the last decade, Orman has contributed overwhelmingly to Democrats, he briefly ran in 2008 as a Democrat to try to unseat Roberts, and a perusal of his positions—especially on abortion—suggests he is to the left of the average Kansas voter. Perhaps needless to say, he will not commit to repealing Obamacare. 

Bottom line: Greg Orman is a Democrat running as an independent. So this is a variant of the game Democrats have been playing for years now, with an extra layer of deception: Find a candidate who can win over Republican voters in red states by talking about his independent-mindedness, and when he gets to Washington he’ll be there when you really need him. It’s “sneak it past the rubes” minus the party label.

They win and what do we get in return for our votes?

Violations of the Constitution; record levels of debt; welfare spending; food stamp and disability payments; massive levels of joblessness; ObamaCare; and the overwhelming rise of federal power over our lives and our futures.

At times, Democrats have even contributed financially to Republicans, Libertarians and Independents during primaries to defeat the Republican they feared could beat them in the general election. That is how Claire McCaskill was re-elected Senator from Missouri, despite being an enthusiastic Obama (and now Hillary Clinton) supporter.

Your humble correspondent has repeatedly written columns that show how often Obama and other Democrats ridicule Americans for being stupid (see, for example, Obama Thinks You Are Stupid, That’s Why; What Obama Thinks of Americans; President Put-Down; The Abuser-in-Chief and he thinks that that Americans need to be talked to with simpler words because, I suppose, we are simpletons).

Bruce Braley, Democratic candidate for the Senate in Iowa, has recently shown his particular contempt for farmers by insulting Senator Chuck Grassley as a “farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.”  Obama shares that contempt for the “average” American: small town people are, after all, bitter people, who cling to guns and God, who fear foreigners; Obama does not think much of people who live in suburbs either, by the way. He’s not interested in them and they bore him.

Obama and his fellow Democrats will ransack suburbs for money to send to cities (see his “regionalism” plot against the suburbs, as covered by Stanley Kurtz).

Red-state Democrats need to be taught a lesson, Cost writes.

They cannot be allowed to defy their constituents on such a high-profile issue and get away with it. Otherwise, they will only be emboldened to do it more often in the future. (Little wonder, incidentally, that McCaskill, who held on in 2012 in Missouri even as Romney trounced Obama there, was a key operator behind the scenes in getting Taylor off the Kansas ballot.)

Similarly with Greg Orman: If Democrats think they can sneak liberals into the Senate from red states by walking away from their party label, it is an easy bet that they will try to do so again. If Orman wins, look for mass replication of this strategy in 2016 and beyond.

Winning in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kansas, then, is an imperative for the Republican Party at least as important as taking the Senate majority. Regardless of how the rest of the races flush out on November 4, Democrats ought not be allowed to walk away from the upcoming midterms believing that “sneak it past the rubes” is a viable strategy. 

Obama disgracefully told Hispanics that voting gave them the power to “punish their enemies” 

and later, told all Americans to “vote for revenge.”  No American should have ever voted for a man who holds those “principles” to become president.

But that should be a piece of advice that Americans should consider when they vote in the midterms. Are we going to allow ourselves to be tricked again by Democrats trying to fool us into giving them power? Are we going to reward their strategy of lying and deception? It is up to you, American voter, to show them we are not rubes.

Teach them a lesson.

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