David Horowitz dishes it out to liberals (i.e., tells the truth)

David Horowitz, free-thinker and speaker and head of the Freedom Center  delivers another of his eye-opening presentations on C- Span in this 1 hour video. While featured as a discussion of his latest book, Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left, the talk delves into the hypocrisy and willful blindness of the left in America. The craven attacks by Kerry and other Democrats against George Bush, the empowering of Islamic radicals, the baseless charges of treason against Republicans and the weak-willed response of many of these very Republicans is acutely commented upon. Horowitz is succinct and very informative -- the rewards are well-worth the hourlong watching.
As opposed to most other networks (and colleges), C-SPAN has not blacklisted Horowitz -- something he commends -- as should the rest of America.