Compare and contrast

For many of us, it is starting to feel like Yogi Berra’s déjà vu all over again in Europe. Ed Lasky offers the following pair of observations:

Mr. Putin is fighting to kill this fragile European democracy and bring Ukraine into a reconstituted empire. Yet these stakes still escape Mr. Obama. Last week at a Maryland fundraiser he noted that "we do very little trade with Ukraine and, geopolitically, it doesn't—what happens in Ukraine doesn't pose a direct threat to us."

Compare and contrast with:

‘A quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing’ ; England’s Neville Chamberlain caving in to Hitler and the destruction of Czechoslovakia—and the start of WW II

 Obama’s declaration is just an open invitation for much more aggression by our enemies.

Richard Baehr recommends Bruce Thornton’s The Wages of Appeasement. The first section is on Philip of Macedon, but the next two examples are Britain in the 1930s and Obama today. But of course, as Lauri Regan observes, Obama no doubt thinks he knows more about history than historians.

Ed Lasky notes that Reagan brought down the Soviet Union; Obama is helping to resurrect it. That’s the fruits of flexibility. He says of Obama: He always shows his hand, and does not keep our foes guessing; he  shows everyone our game book; he might as well invite Snowden to be his conduit to our adversaries.

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