Cameron's Common Sense

Citizens who leave our country to embrace those who wish us harm forfeit their citizenship.

No more passport, and no, you can’t come back in.  (Oops, that would require a secure border!)

If we drone-attack, or if a “reported” drone attack allegedly kills a United States citizen aiding an enemy, so be it.  Lawyers stand down.  That’s right: stand down.

No more Eric Holder Miranda rights for those who knowingly aid and comfort our enemy.  Thankful they should be who engage in such that there is no execution for treason, a formerly-time honored practice in this country.  (Nidal Hasan, if not for murder of 14, why not treason?)

Cameron has it right.  This isn’t “hardball”; this is just “waking up” to what is going on around you and dealing with it.  Seizing bad guys at the border.  What a notion.  That would be a “dog leg left” for you, Mr. President.

And those who hide in enclaves within our borders, like certain communities around Detroit, or in Minnesota, if you side with an enemy, you forfeit your citizenship.  Perhaps you might even be deported.  Waking up is something this country must do.