'Bridgegate' witch hunt of Christie may be over

How many millions of words, billions of pixels, and trillions of molecules of carbon dioxide from Demicratic political blow hards have been expended in the effort to destroy New Jersey governor Chris Christie?

A Justice Department investigation into the closing of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge that resulted in massive traffic jams has found no evidence that Governor Christie ordered the closure or knew of it in advance.

Daily Caller:

NBC 4 New York cited sources Thursday saying, “The U.S. Justice Department investigation into Gov. Chris Christie’s role in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal has thus far uncovered no evidence indicating that he either knew in advance or directed the closure of traffic lanes on the span.”

Christie, asked about the report while on his monthly “Ask the Governor” show on NJ 101.5 FM, said the report “comes as no shock to me.”

“Obviously we’ll wait to hear whatever the authorities have to say,” Christie said, “but certainly this is a report that comes as no shock to me because as you know … the day after these events were uncovered, I came out and told people that I had no knowledge of this going on and no involvement or any role in its planning.”

Added Christie: “I don’t want to overreact to it because I’m not surprised by it, but I’m hoping that, you know, we can start to focus on things that are important to all the people in the state of New Jersey.”

In March, an internal review ordered by Christie cleared him of wrong-doing, though it blames several other aides in the administration: “Christie did not know of the lane realignment beforehand and had no involvement in the decision to realign the lanes,” the report stated.

Christie’s lawyers said there was an ulterior motive by Christie’s aides to close the lanes, but didn’t reveal what that was.

“We’re not able to answer every question today,” lead attorney Randy Mastro of law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher said at the time.

Those motives may have been to punish a couple of Democratic mayors of small towns who refused to support Christie's re-election bid in 2012. Emails from Chrstie staffers - since let go - show that this may have been the case.

Christie isn't officially in the clear. There are still several investigations ongoing, including a probe by the New Jersey legislature. But this blatantly partisan effort may have already damaged Christie's chances for the GOP presidential nomination beyond repair, and the man that polls say would give Hillary Clinton a run for her money may not even enter the race as a result.

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