An Affinity for Passion

For good or for bad, people have a greater affinity for another person’s passion than they do for the ideology that passion represents. Knowing that truth is what gave me an understanding of how an American public could be so deceived into embracing Barack Obama’s ideology. They were not embracing what he represented. They were embracing their own idealistic perception of who he is.  Before the 2008 election when he spoke the words, “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America”, the crowd applauded and cheered sending a cold chill down my spine. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “Do you realize what he is saying?  Do you really want his vision for America?” They were applauding his words and his passion, but I continue to have hope they were unaware of his ideology.

His political opponent that year was an old career politician, not only without passion, but without wit or wisdom. His ideology was not important to an American public who is motivated to action by a corrupt and biased media. It didn’t help that the political party he represented had strayed far from what was once a conservative platform. With hindsight it is easy to see how Barack Obama won that 2008 election. An American people tutored by the media, and blinded by charismatic passion were ripe for harvest.

Conservatives are still scratching their heads over the 2012 election. The passion was gone, and the ideology was left naked for all to see. Americans could easily see that a fundamental transformation is not a good thing. At least that was what we thought. America is fundamentally a constitutional capitalist republic based on Christian values and principles. Those are the fundamentals that made us great. After four years everyone could see that Barack Obama is the antithesis of those values, and his fundamental transformation away from those values and principles is not what is best for America.  Of course, that was also initially clear in 2008 for those who were not deceived by his faux passion, but the media was not finished. Apparently a false ideology can be important when there is no passion and that ideology is misrepresented.

In 2012 there could not have been a better presidential candidate for what America needed to oppose Barack Obama and his Marxist agenda. Mitt Romney epitomizes all that America is about. He loves the righteous values and principles that America has exuded both domestically and internationally throughout history, and he opposes that which has been not so righteous. He has proven his successful leadership ability in many of the important aspects of life. Home, family, church, business, government.  To know him is to love and respect him.  Well ….. Actually I guess that would only be so if you love and embrace American exceptionalism.

Barack Obama has been a unique president in his ideological disdain for America. Although the Democrat ideology is not far behind him in their embracement of a Marxist and communistic ideology, I do not yet believe that main stream democrats knowingly embrace those ideals. At least that is my hope. I need to believe that the hope and change that led them as lambs to the slaughter continued to evade their understanding in the 2012 election rather than knowingly turning to the corrupt political agenda of the left.

I don’t know what candidates either party is going to put out there for us in 2016, but I do hope for the sake of America that the candidate who comes closest to having the character and ideals of Mitt Romney is the victor.