Air passengers forced to wait 2 hours for VIP politician stage revolt, kick him off flight

Resentment over the arrogance of ruling elites has boiled over. While reports of air rage in the United States are increasingly common, the phenomenon of resentment over the indignities of contemporary air travel is global. An awesome video (below) includes:

We've taken it for too long... you should apologize to these should be ashamed of yourself

The BBC reports:

A group of irate passengers prevented a top Pakistani politician from boarding a flight, after they were kept on board for two hours until he arrived.

It is not clear why former Interior Minister Rehman Malik and another politician were so late to turn up.

But the passengers were so incensed a scheduled flight was kept waiting for the politicians, they forced them back.

Footage shows Mr Malik confronted by jeering passengers who shout: "You should be ashamed of yourself".

"150 passengers have been put out because of you," they continued, demanding an apology and bemoaning the state of the nation.

"We've taken it for 68 years. Are we going to take it another 68?" one is heard saying in despair.

The other politician, Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, a member of the ruling PML-N party, was also turned back by passengers.

Monday night's Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Karachi to Islamabad eventually took off without the two men.

Here is the video:

Rehman Malik thrown off flight by passengers... by minator90210



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