A very, very bad sign on Obama administration Iran nuke policy

Those of us who believe that the Obama administration was never serious about stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons received some powerful supporting evidence yesterday. Frankly, I’d rather be wrong, but this most definitely looks like a sign of things to come. Lee Smith writes in The Weekly Standard:

Colin Kahl has just been named Vice President Joseph Biden's national security adviser. Kahl previously served in the Obama administration at the Department of Defense, and left in December 2011 when he moved to the Center for New American Security.

Among other duties at CNAS, Kahl oversaw a three-part series about the nuclearization of Iran. In the final installment (which I wrote about in May 2013), “If All Else Fails: The Challenges of Containing a Nuclear-Armed Iran,” he laid out the case for containment. It remains to be seen whether this put him in opposition to a commander in chief who insists his policy is preventing Iran from getting the bomb.

Smith notes, as have others including Charles Krauthammer, that conspicuously absent from President Obama’s UN speech this week was any reaffirmation of the pledge to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Once Iran has nukes, the world will change. Israel and Saudi Arabia, perhaps the oddest couple ever, will face mortal threats. How they will react is unpredictable, as are the actions that will be taken by the mullahs in Tehran, who actually want Armageddon as a means of hastening the return of the Twelfth Mahdi. A suicide cult with nukes is a clear and present danger.

But it seems as though a president who believes the principal problem with the world is too much American power and influence is about to change that situation forever. There will be no going back, absent a revolution in Iran.

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