A Granite State Diamond for the GOP?

Marilinda Garcia, the Republican challenger to incumbent Democrat Ann McLane Kuster in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District is someone to watch. And not just because she is gorgeous. She's good on the issues. She is also charismatic, and (this does matter, like it or not) Hispanic.

This would be a nice win for the GOP and the Second District is a winnable seat.  Rich Baehr points out that:

New Hampshire House seats turn over more than those in any other state. It is a very volatile state voting pattern (meaning that if national vote percentage changes by x%, New Hampshire will change in that direction by a good bit more than x%).

RCP has the race as “Leans Dem,” while New Hampshire 1 (also held by a Democrat since 2012), is rated a tossup. Both seats were held by Democrats before 2010, Republicans, 2010-2012, and Democrats since 2012.  Given generic polls out this week (the latest has GOP +7!), I think both seats in this state could flip, and Scott Brown has a real chance on the Senate side.

Garcia’s issue positions are very good:

HEALTHCARE “I will work to dismantle Obamacare and replace it with bottom-up reforms that allow consumers and their doctors to make decisions for themselves.”

Obamacare was a misguided and destructive policy from the start. Since the law was proposed in 2009, I have argued that putting health care decision-making in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats would lead to higher prices, fewer choices, no improvement in health outcomes and restricted access in the doctor-patient relationship. Now, unfortunately but as expected, we are beginning to see the evidence.

FOREIGN POLICY America has no greater ally in the Middle East than Israel. Unlike any other nation in the region, with Israel we share a commitment to individual rights, religious tolerance and representative democracy. That is why we must emphasize our commitment to Israel as we continue to face common threats, such as a nuclear-ambitious Iran and global terrorism. America must stand with her friends and allies globally. The Obama Administration has proven itself to be an unreliable partner for our allies. We should never pursue policies that alienate our greatest allies in unstable regions for the purpose of placating the demands of nations that publicly seek to harm us.

ENERGY Energy Policies That Work “I will prioritize smart domestic energy development that reduces energy prices, increases our national security and independence, and creates more job opportunities.” New Hampshire families and small businesses are feeling the pinch of high energy costs. It doesn’t have to be this way. My top priority is opposing any new energy taxes, such as the Cap-and-Trade tax or the plethora of new taxes and regulatory burdens associated with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). I oppose the cap-and-trade energy tax. Second, we can positively impact energy prices by pursuing a smart energy policy. I support policies that would increase domestic energy exploration and production, increase our refinement capacity and build more efficient energy transport systems, such as the long-overdue Keystone XL Pipeline. These policies would reduce the cost of energy, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and create new, good-paying American manufacturing jobs.

 Hat tip: Ruth S. King 

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