75 years ago today, another invasion started a world war

Seventy-five years ago today, in the early morning hours of September 1, 1939, German intelligence operatives silently crept toward a German radio station near the Polish border. They were led by one of the more unlovely characters of World War II, Alfred Naujocks. A major in the SS, Naujocks would later terrorize the Danes during the occupation and helped Otto Skorzeny run the notorious ODESSA group, which helped spirit Nazi war criminals out of Germany after the war. (Skorzeny had a spectacular career as a special ops soldier, including masterminding the dramatic rescue of Mussolini who was overthrown in 1943 and imprisoned in a mountaintop villa by the new Italian government.) But that night, Naujocks had a job to do; he was charged with helping start a war. Wearing Polish army uniforms, the German operatives broke into the radio station, shot the place up, and made a bombastic broadcast claiming that the Poles were invading. The Germans then shot several prisoners from Dachau...(Read Full Post)