Yes, ISIL Speaks For Islam

Contrary to President Barack Obama's (D) statement

So ISIL speaks for no religion.  Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.  No just God would stand for what they did yesterday, and for what they do every single day.  ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings.  Their ideology is bankrupt.  They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision, and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.

Yes ISIL speaks for Islam, for Muslims.  A few days ago they  beheaded journalist James Foley and proudly posted their evil deed for the world to see on youtube.  (No, I won't link to it; it is too pornographic, too evil.)  And Hamas represents Muslims also; is Islam in action as a similar action demonstrates. 

Hamas executes 18 Palestinians suspected of 'collaboration' with Israel

Hamas gunmen executed 11 Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israelat an abandoned police station in Gaza earlier on Friday, Hamas security officials said.

Shortly afterward Hamas killed seven more Palestinians  in a public execution in a central Gaza square on Friday, witnesses and a Hamas website said.

The victims, their heads covered and hands tied, were shot dead by masked gunmen dressed in black in front of a crowd of worshipers outside a mosque after prayers, witnesses andal-Majd, a pro-Hamas website, said.

In a sign of Hamas's increasing tight grip in the enclave following Israel's targeting killings of three of the group's senior commanders, nearly a dozen Palestinians were reportedly killed at the Jawazat installation in the Strip.

On Thursday, three other Palestinians suspected of collaboration with Israel were executed, according to Hamas-affiliated websites.  

And this too ;is Islam.  

Documented death toll in Syria war at least 191,369, says U.N.

 Atleast 191,369 people have been killed in Syria's conflict through April, more than double the figure documented a year ago and probably still an under-estimate, the United Nations human rights office said on Friday.

The U.N. report, based on data from four groups and the government that were cross-checked, reflects a reality of killing and torture while the civil war has "dropped off the international radar", U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights (sic) Navi Pillay said.

The killers of all sides of the conflict represent various branches of Islam; the victims are mainly from various branches of Islam but also include Kurds, Yadizis and Christians.  Holy places of the opposition are deliberately destroyed along with civilian areas.  

However Pillay is correct; "the civil war has 'dropped off the international radar. ' "  But Ms. Pillay this is how to get it back on the "international radar; you've done this so often in the past I'm surprised you haven't thought of it for the Syrians.