Why no rioting over these shooting deaths?

While rioting and racial tension continues in Ferguson, Missouri over the controversial shooting death of Michael Brown there was a ho hum, business as usual, nothing-we-can-do-about-it attitude towards the following headline  in the Chicago Tribune regarding shooting deaths that was probably similar to others across the nation over the week end.  

Shootings leave 3 dead, 16 wounded

Three people were killed, including a 16-year-old boy, and sixteen others injured in shootings across the city between late Saturday morning and early Sunday morning, police said.

The majority of the victims--and most probably the shooters--in Chicago were black; the others Hispanic.  And yet, except for grieving family and friends, a protest or two by some local religious person--nothing.  Reverends Jesse Jackson Senior and Al Sharpton had nothing to say; they were silent on the destruction of the black family, teen agers having children, lack of fathers. 

President Barack Obama (D), was too busy vacationing in his 1% locale to mourn the loss of males who looked like the sons he might have had. 

Local politicians were also silent--except maybe to demand still more tax dollars for still more useless after school programs, before school programs, during school programs and maybe another scandal ridden "job training" program to explain their communities' continuing downward, out of control situation.  

Meanwhile, the headlines will repeat night after night around the country