Why aren't we bombing ISIS in Iraq?

There are reports that US planes have hit ISIS targets in Iraq, according to The New York Times.

Frankly, I hope that they are true and that we are planning a lot more.

Iraq is falling apart and we've been doing too much watching and thinking.  It's time to make a decision and address the US public about what is happening in Iraq, from the slaughter of Christians to beheading of opponents. 

It's a disgrace what is happening in Iraq.

Things got really bad today. According to news reports, the ISIS forces have captured a dam:

"In what could be a devastating development for Iraq, Sunni militants who are part of ISIS have reportedly captured the Mosul dam, which is the largest in the country. The dam sits on the Tigris River 30 miles northwest of Mosul, and controls electricity and water for a large territory. According to reports, it was captured from Kurdish forces, or pesh merga. A U.S. report from 2007 warned that if the dam fails, a 65-foot wave of water could hit a large swathe of northern Iraq. Elsewhere in the north, thousands of religious minorities fleeing from ISIS to the mountains are starving and dying of thirst. President Obama is now considering airstrikes as well airdrops of food and medicine."

President Obama needs to speak to the US public and explain a few things.  I mean a presidential speech not some comments before entering another fundraiser.

Are we going to do nothing and watch ISIS takeover Iraq?  By the way, there are US diplomats in Baghdad who could be taken hostage and make the 1979 Iranian crisis look like The Mickey Mouse Club.

What happens when they walk into Jordan and threaten other countries?  Are we OK with an army of terrorists running wild in the region?

My guess is that President Obama is torn between campaign promises of ending wars and the reality of what is happening in Iraq. 

It's time for leadership not more "hope and change." We see around the world the consequences of a weak US president too eager to get out rather than protect US interests.


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