Washington Post disproves own premise

A Washington Post reporter portrays his experience with what he states is propaganda from both sides of the Gaza war. Interestingly, in the body of his article, he is only able to come up with propaganda from one side.

In "A reporter explains what it's like to being trapped in the Gaza propaganda war" (8/4/14), Sudarsan Raghavan explains how "each side tries to manipulate foreign journalists into covering its grievances, to look at the violence and the destruction through its lens."  According to Raghavan, the Palestinian supporters obviously placed burned, ripped copies of the Islamic holy book - the Koran - on top of a destroyed Mosque.  "A television crew spotted the pile and filmed it. Mission accomplished."

In another instance where there was alleged deaths of Palestinian children, Raghaven describes "where the kids were killed, was a small pool of blood. At first glance, it evoked a sense of sadness and outrage. As I looked closer, I noticed a child’s slipper in the middle of the blood. The slipper was intact. There were no bloodstains. And next to the slipper, a black plastic toy gun. Again I noticed a television cameraman drawn to this powerful image. I moved on."

Another instance of Palestinian propaganda described by Raghavan: "Earlier that day in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as the dead and wounded were being rushed into the building, I saw a girl, no older than 7, dressed in a yellow and blue dress, speaking in front of a television camera.“Bring back my brother and father,” she cried, visibly upset.  Her mother, seated next to her, whispered into her ear and nudged her.“They were kids,” the girl continued, following her mother’s coaching. “They were just playing. What is their crime, for Israel to target them? They are just kids.”

Still another instance of Palestinian propaganda described by Raghavan: "A couple of days later, an Israeli airstrike obliterated the home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. By the time foreign reporters arrived, loyalists had placed his portrait on top of the rubble and firmly planted a green Hamas flag, evoking a sense of defiance." 

And now, drum roll, for the Israeli manipulation.  "From their media war room, they [the Israelis] run one of the most sophisticated operations to sway journalists to their point of view. Every morning, a military press officer provides influential news organizations with an update of events overnight. And during the day, a large team of spokesmen can respond to media requests in half a dozen languages or more."  That's it?  In other words, Israel reports the news.  Raghavan provides no examples of manipulation but further makes the judgmental assertion that Israeli propaganda "is more slick."  He made no such judgements of the Palestinian examples which were clearly a manipulation to sway the journalists, who took the bate hook line and sinker. 

Raghavan is not only trapped in the Gaza propaganda war but he is an active participant.  His own words prove this. 

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