US, UN condemn attack on Gaza school that wasn't an attack and didn't hit the school

If you're going to accuse Israel of a war crime, don't you think it matters if they get the facts straight?

Such is the case in the latest IDF outrage - the missile strike on a UN-run school in Gaza serving as a shelter for 3,000 civilians. Except the school is apparently undamaged and no casualties have been reported from inside the school building.

Here's the BBC reporting the tragedy:

An attack that killed 10 people at a UN-run Gaza school was a "moral outrage and a criminal act", UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said.

It constituted a "gross violation of international law", Mr Ban said.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US was appalled by the "disgraceful" shelling.

Israel has declared a "humanitarian ceasefire" in most of Gaza for seven hours on Monday.

Brig Gen Yoav Mordechai said the ceasefire would apply to all of the Gaza Strip except eastern Rafah from 10:00 (07:00 GMT) to 17:00.

Sunday's blast hit the entrance of the school, which is sheltering thousands displaced by the conflict. Israel denies firing into the school.

The blast did no hit the "entrance to the school." It hit the street outside of the gates to the school, taking out three terrorists - the target of the attack.

The Telegraph reports "minimal damage":

The school had been providing shelter to more than 3,000 people - the same number that had been seeking refuge at a girl's school in Jabaliya last Wednesday when it came under attack from a hail of Israeli shells.

In contrast to that strike, which wrecked a classroom full of sleeping woman and children, the physical destruction this time appeared minimal: just a small but deep hole in the road where the missile had landed.

The school/shelter was undamaged, as you can see if you look at the background of this Guardian video:

The loss of civilian life is tragic, but the outrage at the IDF "targeting" a UN school/shelter is ridiculous.

The press has subtly amended its original reports of the school being attacked, and now, correctly, most news outlets are reporting that the strike occurred near the school. And while any loss of civilian life is to be regretted, it appears in this case, that the civilians had left the safety of the shelter to stand at the gate to the school to purchase food. Unless the IDF had real time intel that showed the civilians in the area, it's a legitimate question of how much blame you can assign the Israeli military for the tragedy.

The IDF is investigating the strike.