Top campaign donors for 2014

The Center for Responsive Politics has issued a report detailing the top donors to political campaigns in 2014.

Of the top 20, only two were supporting GOP candidates. Eleven were labor unions.


The highly respected Center for Responsive Politics put the pro-Democratic fundraising group ActBlue at the top of the organization donor list, coughing up over $30 million, with 99 percent going to Democrats.

Way down at No. 36 is Koch Industries, the conservatively run company Democrats claim control the GOP. The list includes campaigns, parties, federally-focused 527s, and super PACs.

Among individuals, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ranked second in donations, with $8,710,678 of his $9,495,798 going to Democrats and Democratic causes.

“One of the first things you may notice about the 2014 list is that of the top 20 organizations, only two favor Republicans. The rest, with the exception of one ‘on the fence’ trade association, all strongly prefer liberal policies and Democratic candidates,” said the report.

“This is a pronounced shift from 2012. In that election cycle, seven of the top 20 organizations favored conservatives,” said the report from the group well known for its website,

Among individual donors, the top three are also Democrats. The rest of the list is evenly split in who they give money to.

See their report here.

Top organizations are here.

Top individuals are here.

Don't expect this report to become headline news. It doesn't fit the narrative of rich, greedy Republicans, and rich, greedy corporations pouring noney into politics in order to buy politicians.

Instead, it's rich greedy Democrats like Tom Steyer - the climate change fanatic - who is trying to buy elections. And, of course, unions. Big Labor only reports direct contributions. They spend at least as much in "voter education" efforts, GOTV, phone banks, precinct walkers, and envelope lickers.

Almost 100% of that effort is for Democrats.



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