Time Magazine publishes, then retracts, blood libel on Jews

The world has gone down the path of powerful institutions embracing crude blood libels against Jews before, and it led to the Holocaust and even earlier travesties against innocent Jews. Yet once again, powerful forces are conspiring to demonize Jews as predators who bloodily sacrifice the lives of innocents for their own pleasure and profit.

Time Magazine, a formerly respectable and powerful journalistic force, has descended to the level of the Volkische Beobachter, only to scurry away from its own handiwork when others noted its infamy. Honest Reporting first noticed:

Time Magazine should be ashamed for giving new life to a horrendous blood libel accusing the IDF of stealing Palestinian organs.

In the middle of a video about the Israeli military, we are told that the “IDF is not without controversy.”

Their example?

….in 2009 a Swedish report came out exposing some Israeli troops of selling organs of Palestinians who died in their custody.
(Around the 1:15 mark of the video.)

The reference is to a completely made up tabloid style article in an obscure Swedish paper, that even the author admitted was not based on any evidence.

Here is what we said after it was published back in 2009:

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet’s August 2009 story accusing the IDF of harvesting Palestinian organs caused an uproar. Donald Bostrom, the author of the offensive piece, duly demonstrated his utter lack of any basic journalistic standards when he said: “But whether it’s true or not – I have no idea, I have no clue.”

On top of this, the story was further undermined as one of the Palestinian families interviewed said they never told any reporter that their son was missing organs.

Having picked up and repeated an obvious fake story, when called out, Time retreated. The Times of Israel:

Time magazine retracted allegations that Israeli soldiers harvested and sold Palestinian organs.

On Sunday, the magazine deleted the allegations from a two-minute video on its website about the Israel Defense Forces and added a correction, writing at the end, “Correction: The original version of this video cited a contested allegation in a 2009 Swedish newspaper report as fact. The allegation has been removed from the video.”

I would like to know who inserted the allegation, and who approved it in the Time-Warner organization. This is no small matter, as it doesn’t take a genius to see that extermination of the Jews is on the table once again, this time pushed by the likes Hamas, Iran, and Muslims living in Western countries, along with their allies in the media and on the left, whose acceptance of blood libels helps the project along.