Reporting LIVE: Final Joe Carr Rally

I sang/spoke at another Joe Carr rally in Maryville, Tennessee before today's Republican primary.  My Conservative Campaign Committee team co-sponsored the rally.  The audience was delighted upon hearing our CCC-produced radio ad for Joe. 

Two of our young CCC team members harvested "Joe Carr for U.S. Senate" signs and “Beat Lamar” t-shirts for our 7:30 am sign-waving initiative scheduled for the next day.

I am telling you all these details because it truly makes a difference to be boots on the ground, experiencing firsthand the pulse of the race and the people involved.

Mary and I always arrive early at rallies and events.  She coordinates my music cues with the sound tech.

Observing the crowd and overhearing numerous conversations, I detected their real frustration with the current state of our country and the lack of leadership coming out of Washington.  And yet, there was an enthusiastic buzz in the air about Joe Carr.  Clearly, Tennesseans believe that Joe Carr is a stand-up guy who will make good on his promise to fight for fewer government regulations, lower taxes, restoring constitutional principles, respecting the sanctity of life, securing our borders, and stopping Obama's amnesty.

I got into a conversation with a local couple about soaring food prices, which are the highest in U.S. history.  To protect Obama, the MSM will not talk about unprecedented burdensome food and gas prices.  The couple raved about a historic Knoxville restaurant where you can still get a hearty, delicious meal for $13.95; the meatloaf is sliced really thick.

Speaking of the outrageous cost of food, Mary makes me a multi-veggie and vitamin juice every day.  One organic red bell pepper in a Knoxville grocery store was $4.  One pepper, folks.

At the rally, I chatted with a young black Joe Carr campaign worker.  He said he first got involved for college credit but soon discovered that he is a conservative.  Praise God!

I believe that conservatism is in sync with the human spirit, our instinct to be all we can be via right choices, education, and hard work – values and behavior that make us feel good about ourselves.  Thus, we must be bold and unapologetic when articulating conservatism to the low-info masses.

I performed a parody song at the Joe Carr rally titled “2014,” set to the music of “New York New York.”  I always like to deliver a message of inspiration and hope in a fun way.  Here is a link to view the video. 

For the grand finale of the rally, I invited all the vets to join me on stage while I sang “God Bless the USA.”  It is a signature thing that I have done at over 400 Tea Party rallies, and always a tearful favorite of audiences.

After the song, I began putting the microphone back on its stand.  A tearful vet approached me. “You didn't say it.”  I was puzzled.  Fighting back tears, he continued, “You didn't say what I heard you say at a rally five years ago.”

I turned the microphone back on.  “Hello, my fellow patriots!  I am not an African-American.  I am Lloyd Marcus...AMERICAN!”  The audience erupted with cheers and applause.

It is crunch time, folks.  Please vote, join our Phone from Home team, and support Joe Carr in any way you can in these final hours.

America needs Joe Carr in the U.S. Senate.