'Progressives' Is The Wrong Name For Liberal Democrats

In recent years, Liberal Democrats have adopted the name Progressives. Is the name appropriate? Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines progressive as moving forward or onward, happening or developing gradually over a period of time, or characterized by progression. If Liberals are indeed progressives, how is it that they deploy pre-Civil Rights era rhetoric to combat any Republican opposition to Democrat initiatives? The same goes for Republican initiatives that Democrats oppose.

Liberals, and their media allies instantly compare voter ID laws to poll taxes and literacy test that were outlawed in the 1965 Voters Rights Act. However, neither will acknowledge that it is regressive to claim that black Americans in 2014 (post-Civil Rights Act) are unable to secure something as simple as a photo ID. In addition, how can Liberal females call themselves progressives if they cannot afford their own birth control? How is that progress? Yet, Democrats accuse Republicans of wanting to take the country back to the 1950s.

Leftist Geraldo Rivera compared The Drudge Report's headlines about the threat of diseases that could possibly be brought over with the influx of illegals crossing our borders to what he calls "fear mongering" that happened when the Irish, Chinese, and Jewish immigrants came to America in the 19th Century. Although women can obtain a safe abortion from a number of clinics throughout the U.S., Nancy Pelosi and other Liberal women claim that any cut in funding would force women back to back alley abortions with coat hangers.

Liberals assert that racism is still a factor in hindering black Americans from succeeding in 2014, yet fail to produce any actual proof. Successful black conservatives such as Dr. Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell who were born into poverty and pulled themselves up by their own efforts are dismissed as Uncle Toms because they disprove the narrative. Even Morgan Freeman stated to leftist Don Lemon on CNN, that race is no barrier to success today and that both of them are proof.

Democrats have to continue to bring up the past in order to inflame hearts and to remind their base of their victimhood. Obviously, the race industry wishes that America were still under the pre-Civil Rights Jim Crow era because of the constant references to it. The NAACP’s magazine Crisis reminds black America that things have not changed in fifty years. The public education system (run by Democrats) has rewritten history books to encourage kids to live in the past. The universities have taken up the Liberal mantle with its Black and Women studies programs along with the recent White Privilege Conferences. All of this is an effort to remind us of the past rather than acknowledging America’s progress.

Any day of the week, MSNBC (the FORWARD channel) will constantly remind one of the past. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry compared Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) and his decision to send National Guard troops to the border to southern Democrats blocking African American children from integrating into previously all-white public schools in 1957.

Anyone who believes that Liberals are indeed progressives should look at how their policies have affected Americans. Fifty years of so-called “progressive” policies have created women like Julia who depend on the government from cradle to grave. Their policies have enslaved poor black Americans and other minorities so that they will forever be dependent on government handouts. The public school system has dumbed down our kids so that more who cannot read or do arithmetic are graduating form high school. How is that for progress?

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