President Obama's extraordinarily lethargic press conference

A Fox News panel analyzing President Obama's news conference yesterday was "stunned" by his demeanor, among other things.

Washington Free Beacon:

A Fox News panel disparaged Obama’s press conference following the U.S.– Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC Wednesday night, calling his comments “shocking”, and saying they were “stunned” by his passive voice and “extraordinary lethargy.”

“I’m stunned all the time by the passive voice he uses,” said National Journal’s Ron Fournier, “which is very ineffective and sounds weak. For example, to say Hamas is extraordinarily irresponsible–frat boys are extraordinarily irresponsible. Hamas is a terror organization that’s killing people.”

“Words matter when you’re trying to lead a country,” Fournier continued, “and trying to lead a world. I’m stunned by how poorly he uses them.”

Jonah Goldberg called Obama’s statement that U.S. sanctions on Russia are working as intended “shocking.” “No, they’re clearly not,” Goldberg objected, calling this a “perfect example of leading from behind.”

“Putin is not deterred,” Goldberg insisted. “His popularity is through the roof.”

“Did he say anything today that changes the dynamic in Russia or the Middle East?” asked Fournier. “No. Did he say anything that would even give Hamas or Putin pause? No. And domestically, he again established himself, tried to position himself as the aggrieved compromiser. We saw from the polls today the public doesn’t buy it.”

Charles Krauthammer said his speech demonstrated “extraordinary lethargy, distance, disinterest, uninterest.”

“If that isn’t a signal to Putin that he doesn’t have to factor the United States in his calculation, I don’t know what is,” Krauthammer remarked.

Ron Fournier has easily become President Obama's harshest critic on the left, and has advanced the theme previously that the president is checking out early.

Here's a video of the presser. It's 40 minutes long but the first 15 minutes will give you a taste of what the Fox commentators meant.

The world is sliding into total chaos and America has a president who either doesn't know what to do about it, or doesn't care.

What if there is a domestic crisis besides the one on our southern border, like an outbreak of Ebola, or a terrorist attack? The press is apparently cowed into not asking him about his lethargy, probably knowing they'd never get to ask a question at another Obama presser again.

But someone has to shake this guy out of it. A delegation of Democratic party leaders is what's needed. It doesn't have to be high profile - just sending him a message that the commander in chief is needed on deck of the ship of state.

Sleeping in his bunk below decks isn't getting it done.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky

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