Of Bens, Baracks, and the Real Race War

Here's a short Bill Whittle video that effectively punctures at least one aspect of the false racial narrative increasingly prevailing in modern America.

That false racial narrative is a white, not a black, construct – the product of half a century of white political opportunism, neo-Marxist revisionism, and cultural deracination.  Its greatest victims have thus far been blacks themselves, its main beneficiaries a cabal of white intellectual and political elites.  The white cabal, which, for its own advancement, created the false narrative (and the entitlement mentality that maintains it), has convinced its black victims that it's their savior rather than, in fact, their victimizer.  The inflammatory racial unreality has now reached staggering national proportions, whose social consequences presumably can't much longer be avoided.  

This isn't something for which we can blame Barack Obama, Jerimiah Wright, Cornel West, Al Sharpton, or their political, religious, academic, or media brothers.  They are, in fact, the symptoms of the problem, not its cause – useful tools rather than enablers.  The cause is a pathologically false narrative of 20th-century white racism, capitalist exploitation, and institutional oppression manifestly inconsistent with ordinary white society's racial behavior modification throughout the last century and half of the preceding one.  And its ultimate result has been growing black resentment proportionate with the degree to which white intellectual and political opportunists have indoctrinated blacks to believe that their appalling inner-city tribulations are a result of something other than the welfare state's destruction of their families, their education, their initiative, their responsibility, and their respect for themselves as social participants rather than predators.  They won't love us for their dependency.  Instead, they will resent us for their anomie.  How could it be otherwise when the false narrative keeps telling them white society has victimized them and must give an ever-increasing poundage of its present flesh to redeem the sins of its colonial ancestors who eventually paid with the lives of almost 2% of America's mid-19th-century population in its most lethal of all wars – its war with itself?

And, in truth, white society deserves black resentment – not because its distant ancestors enslaved West Africans to colonize the New World, but because white society in the here and now has itself tolerated an opportunistic intellectual and political elitism that has, in fact, victimized inner-city blacks and made them dependent social outcasts rather than independent social collaborators.  Good governance advances citizen independence; bad governance advances citizen dependence.  And inter-generational dependency never winds up thanking its condescending patrons – particularly when the patronage's elitist objective has all along covertly been mainly the creation and maintenance of its own cultural and political ascendency.

The crucial distinction to bear in mind here is the great gulf between a Barack Obama and a Ben Carson.  If there's any hope for real racial change in America, it lies in its Bens rather than its Baracks.  Because racial animus in the modern American Republic is really rooted in the elitist intellectual and political power structure whose ascendancy depends on maintaining a vast national industry of dependency, entitlement, victimization, and ignorance.

Our increasing racial divide isn't likely to end prettily. 

To our everlasting disgrace, it didn't have to be this way.