Obama wants to sing: 'Make the world go away'

Eddy Arnold recorded a country hit many years ago.  It was about a guy who did not want to deal with the reality: "Make the world go way and get off my shoulder".

As President Obama goes off to Martha's Vineyard again, many are wondering if he is hoping that the world goes away.  One of those is Dana Milbank:

"Even presidents need down time, and Obama can handle his commander-in-chief duties wherever he is.

But his decision to proceed with his getaway just 36 hours after announcing the military action in Iraq risks fueling the impression that he is detached as the world burns."

It does not fuel the impression.   It is the impression as seen by recent polls that shows his approvals down and that the president is even hurting Democrats.

Unfortunately for Preident Obama, none of these foreign policy problems are going to get any better.  In fact, some of them, especially Iraq, could get bloody nasty.

It looks more and more to me that there is a confrontation coming in Iraq, a clash between an army of terrorists that perceives us as weak and a president who will have to take back much of what he said about terror, terrorists and evil.

I can not blame President Obama if he'd wished that the world would go away. Eddy Arnold's could go away in a song.  Presidents are not so fortunate.


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