Mr. President: Tell us what you've got in mind in Iraq

How mad are liberals at President Obama? On a scale of 1 to 10, President Obama ordering air strikes in Iraq has to rank minus 100. Even putting President Nixon or President Reagan on Mt Rushmoore would not upset them more!

What a liberal nightmare. We're back in Iraq and the guy ordering the strikes is the same one who said the wars were over.  

Some like Maureen Dowd are now saying that "Iraq, after all, is a country that seems to have a malignant magnetism for our leaders."

Sorry Miss Dowd. We're in this mess because President Obama didn't have the courage to do the right thing and preserve the gains in Iraq.  Instead, he searched for a re-election talking point.

Yes, it got him reelected and this mess too!

The latest from Iraq is that ISIS, or ISIL or whatever else they call themselves, is one mighty army on the march, according to The Washington Post:

"U.S. spy agencies have begun to see groups of fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates in Yemen and Africa to join the rival Islamist organization that has seized territory in Iraq and Syria and been targeted in American airstrikes, U.S. officials said.    

The movements are seen by U.S. ­counterterrorism analysts as a worrisome indication of the expanding appeal of a group known as the Islamic State that has overwhelmed military forces in the region and may now see itself in direct conflict with the United States."

The new recruits want to fight the US:

"Longer-term, U.S. officials expressed concern that the Islamic State, which so far has been focused predominantly on its goal of reestablishing an Islamic caliphate, may now place greater emphasis on carrying out attacks against the United States and its allies."

We conclude two things:

!) Lots of people didn't get the memo that the wars were over;

2) President Obama needs to make a serious presentation to the nation. Drop the crap about you didn't support the Iraq War.  That was 11 or 12 years ago. 

Let's talk about what is happening in Iraq now because this is not the country that President Bush handed you in January 2009.  

Something has gone very wrong in Iraq on President Obama's watch and he needs to lead rather blame.


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