Megyn Kelly smackdown on Obama apologist

In an interview with Penny Lee, Democratic Strategist and former advisor to Harry Reid (yeah, that kinda says it all), Megyn Kelly could not refrain from expressing exasperation with her guest. And who could blame her?

Kelly started out asking Lee about Obama’s decision to attend a Democratic fundraiser while we’re weighing whether to bomb Syria.

Before Lee uttered a word, she spoke volumes with what I now consider to be a predictable progressive response to serious matters: the smile/laugh/smirk. This facial expression conveys condescension and arrogance, as if to suggest that what was said or asked is foolish, misguided, unimportant, and stupid. But in their haughty wisdom, they will deign to answer the question (maybe). Usually by aggressive use of taqiyya.

Lee then went on to say: “As you know, the White House always travels with the President and wherever he is, the issues -- ”

Kelly interjected with the perfect words, tone, and facial expression: “Oh stop! Come on! Stop that! Get real!”

Lee: “Let me finish. I would just say that you’re right, that the optics aren’t good -- ”

Kelly interjected again: “It’s not just the optics! It’s the actual behavior! Get back and start governing! Americans could die! They could die in executing those strikes if they’re not effective. They could die back here in an attack on the homeland or our interests elsewhere!   What’s he doing?!

Lee: “Megyn, as I was trying to say, I agree with you. And I do think that the president can and should be able to, should stay and actually have the optics that are right….”

A bit further into the interview, Kelly sarcastically slammed the President for zipping off to a fundraiser, suggesting that the issues he needs to tackle would likely take more than just one day to address. Kelly was brilliant, noting that he might even have to work more than one day, even on Friday!

Kelly then shifted gears to focus on ISIS and the administration’s strategy, or lack thereof. Lee’s response (which she smiled her way through) was, well, let me just share it with you and you can decide (please watch your language in the comments section!):  “And what the president is trying to do is make sure that he can isolate ISIS and take out ISIS, without alienating the entire Muslim/Arab region. And so what he doesn’t want to do is antagonize it so that we have the entire Muslim world against us….”

Kelly: “Isn’t it too late for that?”

And that, my friends, is an encapsulation of Obama’s foreign policy with respect to fighting terror:

  • Behave like a dhimmi. (Don’t upset Muslims, whatever you do).
  • Prioritize optics over substance. (Pretend you’re working hard so Americans think you’re actually doing your job).
  • Lie (Obama never said he would “take out ISIS” as this grinning little tool stated.)

I nominate Megyn Kelly for president.

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